>Labour Law

Labour Law

Previous consultancy, contracts, cautions and sanctions, suspensions of contracts with workers, dismissals, acts of conciliation, actions before the Work Inspectorate, collective conflicts, redundancies, proceedings before the labour and contentious-administrative courts.

In the field of Labour Law, our work involves providing legal and strategic advice and negotiation in collective bargaining agreements, redundancies and labour conflicts. We give legal advice on individual labour relations, from contracting (particularly special labour relation contracts), to life in the workplace (cautions and sanctions, suspension of work relations and extended leaves of absence) and termination of relations on objective or disciplinary grounds. We act and represent our clients before the labour authorities and mediation and conciliation bodies in all types of proceedings, e.g., inspections, mediation, etc., and lodge all manner of administrative appeals. We act as legal counsel and representatives before the labour courts in all sorts of proceedings (collective conflicts, disciplinary and objective dismissals, claims for sums, sanctions, professional classification, geographic mobility, transfers, etc.). We also act before the contentious-administrative courts in the relevant proceedings, particularly in breaches of occupational health and safety requirements. In short, we provide comprehensive advice to offer solutions to any business requirement in this field.