Civil Law

Civil and Family Law.

Contracts, reports, preventive advice, negotiations, claims for sums, indemnity for damages, contractual and extra-contractual liability actions, mutual consent and contested divorces and separations, claims in relation to pensions, disabilities, successions, proceedings of all types before the civil courts, arbitral proceedings.

In this area we offer advice in all areas of civil law: property, leases, in rem rights, registry law, contracts and civil liability, property law and horizontal property law, associations; and family law: separations, divorces, common law marriages, disabilities, successions .

In the material sphere, our services include advice on negotiations, drawing up and processing contracts and documents related to buying and selling, exchanges, leases, all types of in rem rights, statutes and regulations of foundations, associations, professional associations, clubs and sports organisations, etc. We also handle matters relating to horizontal property; claims for sums of all types, including those arising from contractual and extra-contractual civil liability; negotiation and drafting of separation and divorce agreements; contentious separations and divorces; alimony claims and others; disability proceedings; and the preparation and follow-up of all operations concerning successions, from drafting wills, the division of estates and the exercise of hereditary actions through to the preparation of inheritance statements, settlement of inheritance tax and the processing of registrations on registers of inherited goods.

In the procedural sphere, we assume the comprehensive handling of proceedings followed before the civil courts at all levels and before arbitration and institutional organisations.