Demián Pau Tabbia Sammartino, Lawyer

Demián Pau Tabbia Sammartino, LLB

Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona (class of 2001). Master's degree in Company Law from Pompeu Fabra University (class of 2002). Member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 2002. Assistant General Secretary since 2002 of the Baix Vallès Manufacturers Association, which is attached to the leading Catalan business association, Foment de Treball. Mediator for the Labour Courts of Catalonia since 2013. Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and Italian.

He joined Rabionet & Associats in 2002, where he became a partner in 2006. He is one of the founding partners of RRA Advocats. Most of his work focuses on labour and social security law. He has acted as legal counsel in numerous proceedings related to dismissals, salaries, sanctions, the modification of working conditions, permanent disability, work-related accidents and injuries, worksite inspections, and the negotiation and management of redundancy plans. He also has wide experience in the field of civil law (defaults, evictions and lease agreements); as well as taking on cases involving local laws, specifically matters taken up with the local tax authorities (taxes, rates and special taxes); and construction law in matters relating to building permits, city planning, the construction of industrial estates, the drawing up of re-zoning projects and all of the procedures to which these matters are subject before the contentious-administrative courts. Amongst others, he manages the Maintenance Services Division of the Martorelles industrial estate and its water treatment plant.